Visitor’s Guide

Steeped in history, Vancouver is the oldest city in Washington. Once the largest western outpost of the British Hudson’s Bay Company, where supplies and food were bartered in the 1800s, it was closed in 1860 as Americans took over commerce. The outpost was later recreated as the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site. For more history, check out the Pearson Air Field, the oldest operating airfield in the West, where vintage aircraft are displayed at the Pearson Air Museum.

Vancouver, WA lies on the north bank of the Columbia River and has a wealth of scenic beauty, recreational activities and cultural offerings for the whole family. The fourth largest city in Washington, Vancouver is surrounded by Mount St. Helens to the North and the Cascade Mountains to the east.

If you want to spend a little time in the area outside of ChiroFEST, make sure you spend time embracing all the historical attractions Vancouver has to offer, including Officers Row, where you can stroll through 22 preserved Victorian houses and the Cedar Creek Grist Mill, the only remaining old-fashioned grain-grinding mill in the State. For calmer pastimes, cruise the picturesque river in the Columbia Gorge riverboat, or visit Beacon Rock, the world’s second largest monolith, where a walking trail leads to spectacular panoramic views.

Vancouver is also home to more than 7,000 acres of public parks and more than 44 miles of walking and biking trails, public pools and tennis courts. And don’t forget to visit all the local wineries and vineyards that call Vancouver home!

If you ask a local to describe Vancouver USA’s restaurant scene, they’ll likely touch on three key points: It’s laid-back, it’s friendly, and it’s downright delicious. From craft breweries and local coffee roasters to award-winning restaurants and cozy bakeries, our eateries embody this commitment to quality and casual atmosphere in a manner that will impress foodies and drink connoisseurs alike. Plus, with free parking downtown after 6 p.m., minimal wait times, and a host of markets and farms to provide locally sourced ingredients, visitors will quickly discover that dinner at Vancouver’s eateries is all food and no fuss.

These are just a few things we love about our wonderful city and hope you get a chance to experience when you visit for ChiroFEST!