Chirofest Speaker

Dr. Troy Dukowitz

Dr. Troy has been a chiropractic patient since he was 13 years old. His first experience with a chiropractor was after a pole vaulting injury in high school. At the time his mother and brother were both going to the chiropractor. Insteadof the traditional route of muscle relaxers and medicine, his mother decided to take him along with them to the chiropractor. For the rest of his career in athletics at Belleville East High School, he saw a chiropractor, not just for injuries, but to alsohelp maintain a strong healthy body.It took several years later for Dr. Troy to see the full scope of chiropractic care. You see, for years Dr. Troy suffered from horrible allergy problems. He was the kid that always had tissues with him on the sports fields. When he was in 8th grade he started receiving allergy shots and began taking allergy medication. For four years he was on the routine of allergy shots and medicine without much success. The shots stopped but the allergies didn’t. Then, a life changing event happened. While a student at the University of Illinois, he’d been working as an assistant in a chiropractic office. What he noticed over the next two years changed the course of his life forever. The sinus and allergy problems he had always dealtwith had completely dissipated while getting consistent chiropractic care. The bottom line, it’s AMAZING what happens with the body when it is functioning properly. Dr. Troy decided to change his major from Education to BioScience, which would get him into Chiropractic school.Dr. Troy is a 1996 Graduate of Logan College of Chiropractic in Chesterfield Missouri. After graduating and taking on a position in Illinois, he knew he needed to return home to care for the people of his community. Opening his private practice in August of 1999, he has been a leader in driving home the impact of a chiropractic lifestyle. Dr. Troy now brings almost 20 years of experience to the Vitalize Family Chiropractic team. His dedication to his patients and the profession is unprecedented. In his sparetime he works with other chiropractors and is an internationally known speaker. He’s the husband of Dr. Leah Dukowitz, whose leadership in the community is inspiring other families to take charge of their health and their lives withchiropractic at the forefront of their overall health care! Dr. Troy is also a proud daddy. He and Dr. Leah have 2 boys, Wyatt and Watson.