Chirofest Speaker

Dr. Roger Sahoury

Dr. Roger is the author of the #1 internationally bestselling book Gladiator’s Guide to Corporate Health & Wealth. Dr. Roger is a World Renowned Wellness Expert, the developer of The SprintSet for Life Energizing Weight-Loss System, and the Holistic Approach to Health & Wealth, which is the foundation for his book. This approach uses the concept of the Triad of Health, Nutritional (biochemical), Emotional (psychological) and Structural (spinal alignment and normal muscle balance). While studying to be a doctor, he suffered a nearly fatal motorcycle accident that severely affected his health and mobility. He sought out medical experts to help him regain his life but they did not know where to begin. They were unable to help him regain the quality of life he once had, labeling him a lost cause. They treated him with pharmaceuticals which left him feeling hopeless, helpless and severely depressed, even suicidal. After many failed attempts and in deep despair, he finally found hope in a corrective based Chiropractor. Within only six months of holistic treatments, he regained his ability to walk and after one year of treatment, he was fully recovered. This experience made him re-evaluate his life, values, and profession. From this profound experience grew his mission; to create a future where individuals are no longer the victim of circumstances but are in control of their health to fulfill their life’s purpose. He has a passion and commitment to educate and empower people, where health is not merely the absence of disease but the measure of expression of life. He believes that the body has the innate ability to heal itself with the proper care and applied knowledge. After graduating Chiropractic school, he established a thriving practice which has seen over 300,000 patient visits since 2002. Dr. Roger provides a holistic approach as a corrective Chiropractor specializing in applied neurology. He utilizes proven techniques and has studied over 50 different holistic approaches. As a Chiropractor and Wellness Expert, Dr. Roger knows how physical, chemical, and emotional stressors can cause damage on the physical and emotional level as he experienced himself. Instead of treating the symptoms Dr. Roger finds the root cause of the problem in order to heal. Dr. Roger is a wellness expert who has been featured on major media outlets which include CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, The Talk and many more. Recently Forbes Magazine featured an article regarding his corporate wellness initiative. His inspirational and motivational workshops and seminars have gained him the respect of Fortune 100 Companies, Schools, Non-Profit organizations, Women’s Groups, and Business Associations as an excellent and charismatic keynote speaker. Dr. Roger took the Triad of Health and incorporated them in a Master Battle Plan to slay the 7 Archenemies of Corporate Profitability; Stress, Sick Care Focus, Absenteeism, Presenteeism, Obesity, Mental Health Issues, Chronic Pain. As a Business Owner, CEO, and Entrepreneur, Dr. Roger, clearly understands business needs. To increase productivity, profitability and reduce absenteeism, he provides the tools and techniques to motivate employers, employees and business partners to improve health and well-being. His Energy Booster and Stress Buster Workshop is in high demand as he provides practical tools to reduce stress and increase energy levels. He also shares tools and techniques that can be applied to increase self-esteem and leadership abilities. Dr. Roger’s mission is to empower, inspire, educate and adjust the families in our community. He prides himself on creating a place of HOPE, where MIRACLES are expected and guiding people to reach their God-given health potential.