Chirofest Speaker

Dr. Paul Reed

Dr. Reed is an individual who has been serving on a large scale since entering the chiropractic profession in 1998.He is a husband, father, competitive athlete, award winning speaker, business coach, and author who is an expert on optimal health, wellness and human performance. After graduating from Mountain View High school located in Vancouver, Dr.Paul received an athletic scholarship to attended Washington State University. While competing in football, Paul completed his Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology. This degree allowed him to follow his childhood dream of becoming a doctor of chiropractic. He began his chiropractic studies immediately following his graduation from WSU. Shortly after his graduationfrom University of Western States, Paul opened his practice, and has been serving the families of Greater Clark County since 1998 at Bridge Chiropractic. After about 10 years, Dr. Paul felt driven to serve more, so he began to help other doctors learn to serve bigger and better, as well. He spoke at various chiropractic events, and eventually, in 2009, began holding philosophy meetings for local chiropractors so they could gather on a regular basis and have a place to share and rejuvenate. In 2011, after much soul searching and prayer, Dr. Paul became inspired to start a new event on the West Coast where he could gather some of the best voices in the Chiropractic profession to share their messages all under one roof. That first year he had around 300 attendees show up under a large tent in a big a rainstorm. This was the beginning of ChiroFest. Since that time, ChiroFest has grown steadily to attract hundreds of attendees from all over the country to this annual event held in Vancouver, which is the largest Chiropractic event in the Pacific Northwest. In 2012, Dr. Paul was asked to serve on the Board of Regents for Life West Chiropractic College, and in 2013 was invited to serve on the Washington State Chiropractic Association Board, which he has continued to do. In 2013, Dr. Paul was recognized for his contribution and commitment to the Chiropractic profession by being inducted into the prestigious Chiropractic Knights of the Round Table organization. He was also selected as the 2017 Washington State Chiropractor of the Year.